James Frantz Dedication Award

2018 James Frantz Dedication Award

We are delighted to announce that Makya Milkowich, son of Marty and Lori, received the James Frantz Dedication Award.

This award is presented to a youth, who shows dedication to the church, similar to the dedication shown by Jim Frantz who was a lifelong dedicated member of St. Paul’s from 1919 to 1999.

Makya shows dedication to St. Paul’s in many ways. First, he is an active member and attends regularly. He has been an acolyte, is an active member of the youth group, and plays in the St. Paul’s orchestra when called upon.  He shares his talent on the trumpet, whenever asked, to accompany the choir or to enhance hymn sings. He has been given recognition through the Boy Scouts for being a Christian and sharing his knowledge.  He also supports community organizations such as FISH, through regular food donations.

Makya is planning to donate the cash prize to The American Cancer Society.

Congratulations Makya!



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