Pastor’s Message for November 2008

My husband, Dave, and I love to watch a TV show called “Cash in the Attic.” On this show, ‘contestants’ have identified a project that they want to accomplish, as well as determined the price for the work. A team of appraisers then helps the homeowners discover “buried treasures” around their house, set a value for each item, and then auction them off in order to raise the necessary funds for the job.

After watching this show, Dave and I often look around our own home, wondering what collectible ‘buried treasures’ we might have … or, what might remain after our periodic de-cluttering and ‘clean sweep’ of our home.

At the October meeting of the North Penn Association, I learned about a wonderful concept called “Asset Mapping.” In a nutshell, Asset Mapping is a process whereby you look at all of your assets ~ both tangible, real property AND what we might call your ‘blessings’ ~ in order to map out your overall ‘wealth.’ I am really intrigued by this process, because I find that ~ both in our personal lives AND in the life of our church ~ we sometimes are so focused on our shortfalls, problems and projects, which is very necessary to our overall health, that we often overlook the assets
and blessings that are ours.

Take a moment and think about your own lives. What would you list as your assets? Now, think about the life of St. Paul’s. Again, what you identify as our assets? Physically, I would begin with our beautiful building and its stained-glass windows; our magnificent organ; the staff and our hard-working volunteers. On the ‘blessings’ side, I would list the laughter of our children and the music of our choirs; mission trips and youth events; outreach to all in need and stories over a cup of coffee; worship and Bible study and a willingness to grow in the Spirit; openness to new ideas and our visions for the future. And this is just the short list! What else would you include?

One thing is certain: as we continue to struggle with the day to day decisions that must be made, I believe we must also pause and give thanks for the assets that bless our lives and on which you could never set a price. Oh! by the way ~ one of my most treasured personal assets is Sunday dinner each week with Dave and Kevin and Jenna … Value: Priceless!

In Christ’s love, Pastor Patti

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