St. Paul’s Softball Schedule for 2014

Bring a chair and enjoy some time with friends…
cheer on the team

Monday, May 5   6:30 pm.@ Telford vs. St. Helena (A)
Wednesday, May 7   8:30 pm.@ Telford vs. Rockhill (H)
Monday, May 12   8:30 pm.@ Telford vs. Deep Run (H)
Wednesday, May 14   6:30 pm.@ Telford vs. Christ Lutheran (H)
Monday, May 19   6:30 pm.@ Mountainview vs. Mountainview (A)
Wednesday, May 2   18:30 pm.@ Sell. Upper vs. St. Paul’s Lutheran (H)
Wednesday, May 28   6:30 pm.@ Telford vs. Salford (A)
Monday, June 2   8:30 pm.@ Sell. Upper vs. Heidelberg (A)
Tuesday, June 3    6:30 pm.@ Pennsburg vs. Hosensack (A)
Wednesday, June 11   8:30 pm.@ Sell. Upper vs. Schwenkies (H)
Thursday, June 12   6:30 pm.@ Pennsburg vs. Pennsburg (A)
Tuesday, June 17    8:30 pm. @ Sell. Upper vs. Sacred Heart (H)
Thursday, June 19   8:30 pm. @ Sell. Upper vs. Franconia (A)
Monday, June 23    7:00 pm.@ Sell. Upper vs. United Methodist (H)
Wednesday, June 25    8:30 pm.@ Sell. Upper vs. St. Agnes (H)
Monday, July 7   8:30 pm. @ Sell. Upper vs. Deep Run (A)
Wednesday, July 9    6:30 pm.@ Christ Lutheran vs. Christ Lutheran (A)
Monday, July 14   8:30 pm.@ Sell. Upper vs. St. Helena (H)

Please contact Neil Clark  or
Aaron Clark with any questions

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