Breakfast Break

In an effort to respond to several requests from the Survey:
1) More fellowship events
2) Deepen spirituality
3) EAT

Consistory is starting a new Sunday morning time to be in fellowship. “Breakfast Break” is the new event. The idea is that every 4-6 weeks we will have a “Breakfast Break,” a break from the normal Sunday routine.

“Breakfast Break” will be from 9:00-9:45AM on a Sunday morning. The hope is that this will be a “break” from the norm on a Sunday morning at St. Paul’s. We want this to be a gathering time for Early Church attendees and Late Service attendees. Early People would stay after, and 10:15 attendees would come early. Since it is only once every 4-6 weeks, we hope everyone will support and attend this new event.

You might be asking – what will happen? Why should I come? Why Sunday morning at 9:00?
Well the Survey results overwhelmingly wanted more fellowship events for the Congregation. At St. Paul’s we do “food well,” so why not a breakfast? On a Sunday morning – you are already up and coming to church, why not stay or come early for breakfast? We will of course have breakfast and there will be a brief devotional (to help us with “spiritual feeding”). Then we will discuss a topic affecting St. Paul’s for about half of the time. This will not be another worship service, it will be a time to fellowship and share our thoughts and ideas together.

What about Sunday School? There will not be our normal Sunday School classes that Sunday. This will also be a “break from the norm,” we will have something to entertain the children, or parents are suggested to have something to “entertain the youngsters” for the short time we will be together. We want parents to come and bring their children so that we all can have breakfast together.

When is the first “Breakfast Break?” We’re glad you asked! Mark this on your calendars – “Breakfast Break” – March 15th, 9:00AM in Fellowship Hall. Pancakes and bacon and sausage!! Please, come one, come all!

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