St Paul’s offers Pysanky Egg Decorating!

Using melted beeswax and an applicator called a kitska, wax is drawn onto a raw egg followed by submersing the egg into colored dyes.  The steps are repeated for each color dye until the design is completed.  Once the final color dries, the wax is removed from the egg.  The egg is coated in clear spray enamel before blowing out the yolk and leaving a beautiful Easter keepsake.

Explore the art with us through a guided instruction, or feel free to try a different design from our  books, design your own, draw freely, or write names of loved ones.

Join us in Fellowship Hall on Saturday April 1st and/or Saturday April 8th 12-4 pm. Food, fellowship, and beautiful Easter egg keepsakes.  No charge.  Please contact Megan Ferris with any questions.  215-257-8442.

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