20th Annual Roast Beef Dinner

Welcome to the 20th Annual Roast Beef Dinner
  to benefit

This year’s
20th Annual Roast Beef Dinner
will be a “Virtual Roast Beef Dinner!”

A new message …

You can participate in one of two ways:

  1. Just make a donation to St. Paul’s United Church of Christ ($9.00 fills a RamPack for a child for a weekend), all of which will go to RamPacks . Just click on “Donations
  2. This is the MOST EXCITING OPTION – participate in a “Virtual Roast Beef Dinner!” You pick a time slot below. You will then be sent a link to join in a Zoom Call at the specified time. You will be joined by 15-20 other people, just like you might be at a table at our Roast Beef Dinner where you do not know everyone with whom you are dining. Each call is scheduled for about an hour, but who knows what will happen once you get started. Before or after this time of fellowship, we hope that you will make a donation to St. Paul’s UCC that will go directly to RamPacks.

Please choose only one time slot.

“Seating” is limited, so get in NOW!!

After you click Submit, you will be given an opportunity to donate.