Our Staff

Pastor                                      Rev. Trudy J. Irving
Office Secretary                    Stacey Moyer
Finance Secretary                Cynthia Bibic
Dir. of Christian Education  Nancy Ziegenfuss
Choir Director                       Chris Ziegenfuss
Organist                                 Nathan Gulla
Bell Choir Director               Peter Ziegenfuss
Custodian                              OPEN

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  1. Steven Bossert says:

    Hello, I am literally church shopping. I have been a member of St John’s UCC in Lansdale my whole life. Your former Pastor Patty attends there now. Do you have in person worship this Sunday? I did a drive by today and didn’t see any parking. I was a Deacon for 4 years and my term expired. I used to cook their congregational Breakfast and lunches for about 150 ppl. I now live in Sellerville and would like to be closer to home. Please contact me if you have time. Thanks, Steve Bossert.

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